About Cernunnos

This is not a page for my experiential knowledge of Cernunnos – such a thing would be at best useless for another devotee and at worst actively harmful. Instead, this where I will collect resources discussing the historic, Gaulish Cernunnos. At some point I hope to make a post of my own about that, but for now there are some excellent resources available.

Not Your Mother’s Horned God is an excellent essay discussing not only who the Gaulish Cernunnos was, but also the difference between the historically attested Gaulish Cernunnos and the neopagan Horned God. I consider this essential reading for anyone interested in Cernunnos who has been around the pagan community for any length of time.

Secondly, this excellent essay by Ceisiwr Serith would always be one of my first recommendations.

This page on the Deo Mercurio website summarises a lot of the information available to us and speculates on possible roles of Cernunnos.

There is a brief summary of information about Cernunnos in this article by Segomaros Widugeni.

This page is a work in progress, as some of the sources I used at the start of my devotional journey are proving a little hard to track down. As it is, these links are an excellent starting place for anyone wanting to learn.