So, since I’m – hopefully – coming back to the blog, I have a few updates!

First – I’m trans. I’m a trans person transitioning. I don’t use my old name any longer, and my preferred pronouns are they/he. I am now using the name Alex.

Second – I’m going to start a Masters in September! Very exciting times ahead.

Third – I am chronically mentally ill. I’ve more or less figured out what that means for me in terms of my functionality in the ‘real world’, but I’m still finding out what I can do in terms of spirituality and online presence. I’m not sure what being back at the blog is going to mean, but it probably won’t mean regular updates and I really hope I’ll be staying out of the various pagan dramas – not that I think all of the dramas are/have been unimportant, but I don’t think I have enough spoons to be getting involved.

Finally – I don’t understand the gods. I really, really don’t. When talking about my Husband I will probably use the name Cernunnos interchangeably with the Huntsman/the Huntsman in the Night. I have no idea what’s going on there and probably never will have. But that isn’t the point. The point is to love, and I do.


4 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Congrats on coming out! *full support!* Congrats on also saying that you do not know. Some people get so finnicky about ‘knowing’ this and that, but as you said, the love is the most important part. I hope all goes well for you.Good luck with the mental illness- it’s not always easy.

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