Divination review

Recently I was lucky enough to receive a divination from Ossia Sylva. It was wonderful and I’m going to rave about it for a little bit.

I don’t get a lot of external divination for various reasons – mainly that I need to get used to trusting my own discernment processes (for a period of several months I was not allowed to use any divination tools myself, or to seek divination from others. I made a lot of mistakes, yes, but I also learned a great deal). Typically, when I do seek out external divination it’s because I’m utterly confused/have no idea where to start with something. Such was the case here.

Ossia was willing to work with my very vague questions, and when she sent me the pdf of the reading she had done it was very clear and informative.

I asked her to use a deck that I often use when I need to communicate with Cernunnos, and I also asked Cernunnos to bring up something in this reading that was definitely ours as a way of validating other experiences for myself. On reflection, I might have been overdoing it a little bit – every card but one that she drew from that deck for my reading was a card with profound personal significance, and most of them were cards that I associate with Him or with Us (I should note – there aren’t a lot of cards that are as significant to me as the ones that turned up. There are maybe nine; six of them turned up in this reading).

You might be familiar with the feeling of a frustrated deity going, “Look at that. See? I’ve been trying to tell you this for ages.” There was a lot of that coming through for me with this reading, things He’s been trying to tell me that I’ve dismissed, thinking that my discernment must be off.

There was also a lot that was new. Ossia’s reading contained a lot of advice that I will definitely be taking. I don’t really know how to talk about this, given that the questions I asked aren’t about things I want to talk about here at the moment, but I am very happy with the reading she did for me.

There isn’t a lot more to say. In my opinion, Ossia is an excellent diviner and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting divination 🙂


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