National Coming Out Day

I hate coming out. Or rather, I hate the knowledge that unless I make a big thing out of my sexuality or gender identity I am automatically closeted. I hate that coming out is something I need to do in order not to feel like a liar.

Also, the moment of coming out is a moment of vulnerability. That’s not nice either.

So, I am bisexual. This is something I am out about in most areas of my life – I’m not out at work because I can’t think how to bring it up, but other than that I am completely out about this.

I am also non-binary. I’m selectively out about this, though I hope that at some point I’ll feel comfortable coming out across the board. This actually does affect my devotional relationships in ways I might write about at some point.

As a side-note to this any homophobes, biphobes, or transphobes are invited to leave. This blog is not for you.


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