Month of Written Devotion – Encouragement

I have no idea what to say. The gods encourage me, except for when They don’t. When I’m attempting something mind-numbingly stupid, if I’m attempting something They’ve told me not to do (actually, I’m not sure that this qualifies as a separate category) then They warn me that it will not go well and more or less leave me to it. At other times, They are more involved. Cernunnos carried me through school and into university, His voice in my mind a near-constant stream of optimism. You will manage this, you will survive, you will make it out, you will do well. You can continue, you can finish it, I know that if you work at this you will excel.

This is not how He encourages me any more, mostly because I don’t need that any more. Through the truly difficult times in my life His voice has been a relentless stream of optimism and love, but now that He is more distant there isn’t that level of engagement. Encouragement is now the sudden warmth that rushes through me drawing my mind irresistibly towards Him, because with Him in my life I feel that I will be OK. Things will go wrong, life will not be perfect, but so long as He is with me I will be OK.

I will be OK. That is the encouragement I get now, and I love Him for it.


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