Month of Written Devotion – Blessing

I am alive.
Lord, by Your blessing,
by Your interference
and stubbornness
I am alive.

Sometimes Your blessings
are harsh, Cernunnos.
They make me want
to claw at my skin,
burrow down inside myself
in search of something You have not touched.

There is nothing.

Sometimes, too, Your blessings
are joyous and I want to laugh,
to dance, to sing Your praises.
They make me love
the ground beneath my feet,
the air in my lungs,
the rushing river,
all with a colour I
can only see with You.

Cernunnos, I know Your blessings now,
and they are pulling against my skin,
and I feel too much, Cernunnos
and that too is a blessing.


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