devotional poetry · Man in Black

Adore Him

Look at Him and His eyes are burning you.
Listen to Him – His voice scorches your skin,
chills your bones, and you are shaking with cold
and burning up and life is perfect because He is here.

Stand before Him. Lower your eyes because
His majesty is blinding. You would sacrifice
both eyes, you would give up embodiment
if only you could take in His face. It would be worth it.

Fall to your knees; adore Him. Drag your aching body
to His shrine, still your racing thoughts; adore Him.
Adore Him, adore Him, adore Him! Adore Him because
there is nothing left in you that can do otherwise.

Go to Him, for He loves you. He lifts you up
when you fall to your knees, shields your eyes
to protect you from His shining, glories in your
aching bones. Adore Him – He adores you.


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