Month of Written Devotion – Friendship

Rather like companionship, I’m no longer entirely sure what friendship might mean for us, how it might work. I have called Cernunnos the friend of my heart, and that remains true. Loving Him is lodged somewhere deep inside me, loving Him sustains me even when He is absent. We have had friendship, certainly, and in a way we still do but He is now more distant, more divine, less human than I have come to know. It is easy to put the relationship labels we use with people onto our relationships with deities when we are seeing their more human, or more personal, face but I don’t know that they really work when we see their less human face.

When Cernunnos speaks to me with the voice of a thousand thousand trees, can we be said to be having a conversation? What word is there to describe the relationship between human and Forest? This was much easier when He was a friend who happened to have antlers growing out of His head!

But it isn’t supposed to be easy. To look for this to be easy is, in my opinion, to completely miss the point. But I still don’t know if we have friendship.


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