Month of Written Devotion – Transformation

How have I known You, let me count the ways…

Gods are not static, existing in a single moment and forever remaining in that moment. They are multifaceted, always, They have so many faces, so many aspects that I suspect one could spend a lifetime working to know a God and at the end of their life they would still know only a fragment of what that God is and can be. Isn’t it glorious?

Transformation: “a marked change in form, nature, or appearance.”

I have known You as Guardian, as Father, as Friend. I have known You as Hunter, as Hunted, as King. I will, I am sure, know You in countless other ways before my body breathes its last. But I am not sure any of these shifts can be called transformation, for while You are not static I have found that You are constant.

Perhaps it is my perception of You that is transformed. You are so much more than my mind can take in so perhaps, in order to know You at all, I must constantly see You through different eyes.

I pray that I rejoice with every face of You I see.


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