Month of Written Devotion – Faith

I think, Cernunnos, that faith
is more than I ever knew or will know.
I think perhaps it is faith,
as much as love,
that tells me to keep going,
to begin again time after time
after time.

Faith in You is learning to trust
that You have ways of telling me things
even when I don’t want to hear them.

It is learning to believe in myself
as much as it is believing in You,
because when I doubt, Cernunnos,
I do not doubt You, but myself.

So I kneel at Your feet
and You lift me out of the dust,
reminding me with just a smile
that we’ve done this before.

And later, when the doubting comes,
I doubt Your arms around me
but never Your reality.

Help me, Cernunnos,
to know You as You are,
to have faith in those things
that You give me,
to have faith in Your love
when I cannot have faith in myself.


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