Month of Written Devotion – Dark

Some darkness waits for you. Some darkness sits in a corner of your mind, waits just at the periphery of your vision, until you walk towards it.

Other darkness rushes at you, leaves you gasping, breathing it inside yourself as it remakes you, remodels you, shows you what else you could be.

When Cernunnos brings me darkness, he brings me patient darkness, darkness that waits for me to realise the inevitability of facing it, darkness that lets me face it – to start with – on my terms.

He is a patient god, I have found. He will take you as you are, your changes as they come. He wants the best you that you can be, certainly, but if he can then he will nudge you gently in the right direction rather than seizing you and dragging you towards it.

We are all forged in darkness, all we are comes to us from somewhere between the sky and the stars and so many of us have forgotten how to love the dark.

Cernunnos sits in the twilight, the patient Hunter watching us as He waits for His moment. He is not a dark god, as He is not a light god; He is liminal, waiting for us in the spaces between one truth and another. He is not a dark god, but He will bring us darkness.


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