Month of Written Devotion – Forgiveness

Some people have rituals for this.
Others have plans, prayers,
choreographed steps on the walk towards

But these things were never for us,
never ours and so I have no rituals,
no clever words at hand to offer you.
All I have is my own broken voice
whispering again and again,
“Forgive me, oh please, Lord,
forgive me.”

My feet lead me round in circles,
I barely know what they are doing,
all I know is my guilt, my failure.
“Forgive me, forgive me,
Cernunnos, forgive me…”

Time passes, and immeasurably slowly
the guilt drains from me
and I feel I could fly,
I am lighter than a feather.

When “forgive me” becomes “I love You”
something magical has happened.


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