Month of Written Devotion – Who?

Cernunnos. His name fits comfortably in my mouth, slips easily off my tongue, brings me a sense of comfort and ease of which I never grow tired.

Cernunnos. Cernunnos.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that “Cernunnos” has recently seemed to be fragmenting into Cernunnos Himself and Someone Else – I’m hoping that this month of writing will help me to become closer to Him again, and maybe even shine some light on the confusing stuff. I find it astonishing the way my thoughts about things, and understanding of them, become more solid and more comprehensible when I write about them. So. Cernunnos.


2 thoughts on “Month of Written Devotion – Who?

  1. I really look forward to reading your posts for the Months of Devotion series. You have such an incredible way with words, almost like handling warm silk. I can’t explain it, other that I am totally fascinated with how you thread your experiences and your feelings together. 🙂

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